Privacy Statement
- The SPEEDSHOPSTORE.COM does not capture and/or store any personal information about individuals or business who access this website. The personal information you give us is used strictly to process your purchase, we do not pass any of the personal data that you provide to us or to any outside organization and/or individuals.

Payment Card Industry (PCI)
- Speedshopstore.com's Payment Card Industry (PCI) is based on the standards identified by the Data Security Standards (DSS). We review and test our online security measures regularly, as does our hosting network. These measures include:

- We subscribe to an advanced fraud detection system which is a set of transaction filters and IP tools designed to protect our customers and prevent fraudulent usage of their personal information.

- All data input during a user's session is encrypted during transmission sessions are logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Vulnerability Testing
- We maintain anti-virus software and firewalls and our hosting provider regularly performs testing on our sites perimeter.

- Our hosting network monitors for security events 24/7/365 and responds immediately to any perceived threat.