Banks 49740 Big Hoss Dual Exhaust 2003-04 Dodge 5.9 SCLB/CCSB Cat

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Banks 49740 Big Hoss Bundle Dual Exhaust 2003-04 Dodge - 5.9L SCLB/CCSB Cat Converter

Increase Horsepower And Torque!!

SCLB = Standard Cab Long Bed
CCSB = Crew Cab Short Bed
Cat = Catalytic Converter


The Ultimate engineered Power System for sport and racing applications #1 high-performance power bundle. Intake, tuning, turbo and exhaust upgrades + intercooling. Adds: +126 hp and +290 lb-ft (rear wheel)


There is only a handful of officially authorized online Banks Power dealers, and I'm proud to say that is one of them. Because Banks and are partners in the diesel performance aftermarket, I want you to feel confident buying our products from them. From Banks power and braking components to engineered power systems, look no further than! --


Colin Banks, General Manager Gale Banks Engineering